Welcome to your 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse. Get Ready to Stop Putting So Much Pressure on Yourself. Release the Self-Sabotage and instead, Embrace Self-Empowerment and Self-Love!

Dear beautiful you,

Welcome to YOUR Cleanse. We’ve created this sacred place where your Inner Wisdom RULES! This is our special Inner Wisdom Hub where you can access everything you need to RELEASE your Inner Mean Girls Toxic Habits and REPLACE them with your Inner Wisdoms Self-Love Antidotes. You already took a bold act of self-love for yourself by coming this far. It takes courage to take a stand for YOU and your DREAMS. We know that, trust us, we’ve been there! That is why we, Amy and Christine, are committed to helping you CLEANSE your mind of these 6 Toxic Habits, so you can LIVE from your Inner Wisdom, which is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. We are honored to walk with you on your journey toward a life of more freedom and happiness.

Over our next 40 days together, your thoughts about yourself and who you are will begin to shift and transform. While the changes may feel subtle at first, as you continue with your Cleanse every day, you’ll begin to notice how your brain is being “re-wired” and you will begin FEELING differently. The pressure to do it all, the guilt that keeps you from following your heart and the constant comparing yourself to others will melt away, as long as you follow through with this commitment to yourself. The BEST part is you will finally take your power back, and live from a place of Compassion, Gratitude and Freedom from the pressure of your Inner Mean Girls.

It's time to open up your heart to receive MORE LOVE for yourself and tune into your Inner Wisdom... and we are going to be here with you for the entire ride!

How it works

For the next 40 days, we will walk with you through a transformational process created to help you see the patterns and ways of being that have kept you in the shadow of your Inner Mean Girl, so that you can be empowered to CHOOSE new patterns and practices that will create brand new possibilities that you did not even know existed before taking the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse.

This "Inner Wisdom Hub" is here for you during these 40-days, to access whenever you need it. On Day 1 you will begin with your Inner Mean Girls FIRST Toxic Habit, “GOSSIP”. Then for 40 days, you’ll receive daily emails from us that provide guidance, inspiration and wisdom, to transform these 6 Toxic Habits and keep you connected to your promise to make these 40 days about YOU. The emails will be delivered at the same time every morning so you’ll know exactly what to do and what to focus on.

What you’ll receive from us every week for the next 40 Days:

Bullet-heart Super-Powered Activation Sessions with Amy and Christine. Kicking off the focus for each week, you’ll receive access to a video which includes the teaching and daily practice for the week. Make sure to watch this or listen in the same day you receive it, that’s the best way to stay on track and hold your commitment to completing the Cleanse.

Bullet-heart Inspired Actions & “Get To’s”. Prepare to step outside your comfort zone and into the love zone to take your power back with a weekly Inspired Action and “Get to’s” (We say “Get To’s instead of “To Do’s”, as these are intentional, inspirational acts for yourself, not a list to check off). These dares are not always easy at first, as your Inner Mean Girl might want to resist, but they are proven to work and can also be fun! These actions will help you see how these toxic habits have been clogging up your Inner Wisdom tank, so that you can become aware of the inner workings of your Inner Mean Girl -- empowering you to replace these habits with our Self-Love Antidotes.

Bullet-heart Self-Love Antidotes. It’s always smart to replace the negative with more positive, and that’s what these Antidotes are all about! TRANSFORMING the toxicity into a more EMPOWERED way of living your life, is SO much more valuable in the long run. Be sure to continue practicing the Self-Love Antidote as much as possible, so your brain is re-wired and the antidote becomes a new, life long habit!

Bullet-heart Love Boosts. Amp it up a notch and have a heart-to-heart with your inner BFF - YOU! Get ready for a huge dose of heart magic to yourself, using the inspiration we send you to really pump up your Inner Wisdom and really FEEL inspired to keep going!

Bullet-heart Inspiration Conversations. We’ve hand picked some very special Wisdom Makers – Experts we know, who are empowered, internationally known superstars who will share their secrets with you through our Expert Interviews. These audio interviews will be delivered to your inbox weekly. These Experts have busted through the self-defeating habits of their Inner Mean Girls (and Dudes) in their own lives and cleansed their minds of self-sabotaging thoughts. They will each be sharing how they’ve created JOY – FILLED lives using super-powered tools that are proven to work time after time!

Bullet-heart Daring Acts of Love. Each week we will throw down ONE dare – we call them Daring Acts of Love, because they require you to CHOOSE LOVE big time, which is a good thing, because there is one universal rule about Love: LOVE GENERATES MORE LOVE!

Bullet-heart Inner Wisdom Power Pause. At the end of each week, we will pause to have a chat with a super POWERFUL force inside you, your Inner Wisdom. As a special side effect of this cleanse, your relationship with this wise part of yourself will deepen, and your trust of yourself will increase. So at the end of each week, we will pause and just “be” with our Inner Wisdom, as she only talks when you ask and are willing to listen… We’ll provide you with questions we like to call “Inner Wisdom Inquiries” to give you access to the deeper wisdom inside yourself that is often hidden under the mental chatter and day to day busyness.

How to get the most out of this 40-day journey.

Everything you need is included in the emails we send you and the information, recordings, resources and videos that are posted on this website. Every day, we will tell you exactly where to go, what to read, what to watch and what to do via the daily emails you receive. If you want to be successful and see transformation, stick to these four commitments:


  1. Do your daily practice. Each week, you will receive instructions on a daily practice you will do every day. While the focus each week will change, the basic structure will stay the same for the next 40 days. This practice is ESSENTIAL to your success. No joke. By tuning into love first thing in the AM... and last thing at night... you will begin to live your entire day differently and with more awareness. But don’t worry - anyone can do it. It takes less than 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night. Six minutes invested in your happiness. And while it may seem like a little thing - it is these little things that often have the biggest power. This is one of those small but mighty actions - commit to taking it every day. You can do it!
  2. Open and read your emails every day and take action. The emails will arrive at the same time every day and include your focus for the day or adventures we want you to have during the week. At the very least, read every single email when you receive it. At the very best, take the actions included in the email. We promise that these love actions will be both fun and enlightening. These are self-love GET-TO's … not Have To's or more To Do's to add to your To Do List, and definitely nothing to create stress or guilt. Do what you can, soak in the rest, and most of all, lean into your relationship with yourself and the divine!
  3. Commit and stick with the 40 days. This is not a 20-day practice. Not 30 days, either – it’s 40, because that is how long it takes to transform a habit on all levels: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. This is proven, the brain scientists, yogis + meta physicians all agree! So, stick with us for 40 days. We’ll stick with you and more love will stick to us all! If you miss a day or two, just pick up where you left off, don't give up, keep going! Consider this - for 40 days you will have love delivered to you via email every day... that is something to look forward to and enJOY.
  4. MARK DAY 40 ON YOUR CALENDAR RIGHT NOW WITH A BIG HEART! Plan to do something special for yourself to celebrate your commitment to completing the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse! You don’t need to know what right now —just know that you have a date with YOU on this special day and stick to your promise to give yourself this CELEBRATION!
  5. Join our online Inner Mean Girl Facebook Group. There is power in numbers and community so we have created a special private online forum on Facebook. This is the best way to connect with others who are currently or have already been reforming their Inner Mean Girls - ask your questions, share your insights, support your sisters in love, and post inspirational quotes or photos. This is your one-stop shop for all your support needs - you will LOVE it! Go here to join , be sure to select the “Join” button in the upper right of the page and we will approve your request within 48 hours.


And... as a reminder, here's how our 40-days are going to roll...

[content_box width="90%"]Bullet-heart DAY 1-7: GIVE UP GOSSIP. Learn what Gossip REALLY is and what it’s costing you when you allow it to take over.
Bullet-heart DAY 8-14: GIVE UP COMPARISON. Learn to stop judging yourself and others, so you can be happy and free to be 100% FULLY YOU!
Bullet-heart DAY 15-21: GIVE UP OBLIGATION. Leave obligation and guilt behind, learning to take a stand for YOU getting what you need!
Bullet-heart DAY 22-28: GIVE UP JUDGEMENT, OF YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Focus your energy on what’s most important to YOU, open up to give + receive Compassion
Bullet-heart DAY 29-35: GIVE UP UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS & STRIVING FOR PERFECTION. Let go of the pressure to achieve perfection, have success on your own terms.
Bullet-heart DAY 36-40: GIVE UP “NOT ENOUGH-NESS” Clear your mind and subconscious of fear, lack and feeling like you are not enough. Because YOU ARE!!

After 40 days, you will be more empowered to choose the thoughts you have and the actions you take. You will be more aware of how your Inner Mean Girl is running you in a direction you don’t want to go, and you will begin strengthening new, more self loving ways of responding in your life and relationships. You will be more masterful at noticing when you are wasting your energy on gossip, guilt and self-criticism, pressuring yourself to reach unrealistic standards and forgetting how fabulous you actually are. You will feel better - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We are so glad you are joining us for this Self Love Adventure!


Amy and c hand on heart

Amy Ahlers & Christine Arylo

Co-Founds of Inner Mean Girl Reform School

Best-Selling Authors of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself