We are thrilled that you're here to receive your super powered BONUS kit, just for readers of our book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl!

Are you ready to deepen your Inner Mean Girl transformation?

Here's your Inner Wisdom Kit!

Step One:

Step Two:

  • A list of the fifty-nine biggest lies women tell themselves: Big Fat Lies List (Page 69)

Step Three:

  • Christine leads you through a guided meditation to help you find your Inner Mean Girl sparks: Inner Mean Girl Sparks Meditation (Page 95)

  • The Inner Mean Girl Expose template: Inner Mean Girl Expose (Page 113)

    • Shiloh Sophia McCloud, founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement, guides you through a creative visualization that allows you to see your Inner Mean Girl more clearly. (Page 114): Draw Your Inner Mean Girl video

  • Katherine Torrini, founder of Creative Life Spark and head Inner Wisdom Coach, created a video for you that will lead you through this process and show you how to use your new puppet (Page 115): Create an Inner Mean Girl Puppet

Step Four:

  • Amy guides you through the Wake-Up Call Three Step Process.

  • Sample Three Step Process with Amy and "T". This video brings us to tears every time we watch it!

Step Five:

  • A gallery of self-love altars made by our Inner Mean Girl Reform School students and other women we love (Page 172): Self Love Altar Gallery

Step Six:

Step Seven:

  • Amy leads you through The Sacred Truce visualization (Page 216): Sacred Truce Visualization

  • The Inner Mean Girl Wisdom Treaty download (Page 221): Inner Mean Girl Wisdom Treaty

  • Your Breakthrough Stand download (Page 233): Breakthrough Stand

Extra Goodies:

  • Amy boosts your appreciation to ward off Inner Mean Girl Attacks: Gratitude Meditation

  • Christine leads you through a Compassion Meditation so you can shift criticism to compassion: Compassion Meditation

  • Expert Interview with the fabulous, fearless Rhonda Britten. Rhonda is the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, Emmy winner, author of 4 bestselling books and on this interview she shares how fear gets lodged in our psyches, fueling our Inner Mean Girls, and then shares her super power tool, The Wheel of Fear: Rhonda Britten Expert Interview

  • Energy Bath Meditation: listen to this to clean and clear your energy fields after they have been icked up, stressed out or overworked. - Energy Bath Meditation

  • Energy Recharge Meditation: listen to this to plug into a source bigger than your own to power up your life. - Energy Recharge Meditation

  • Energy Protection Meditation: listen to this when you are needing extra protection–perhaps when you’re going into to a meeting/space/event where “energy vampires” might show up! - Energy Protection Meditation

  • Nadine Risha’s “Who Am I?” Track: - Who Am I meditation song

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Your Guides for Reform Your Inner Mean Girl