Week 3 | Days 15-21 | Give up the Toxic Habit of Obligation

Activation Session Days 15 – 21: Watch the Video

Focus for the week: GIVE UP OBLIGATION

This week you will learn…

Bullet-heart How to turn overwhelm, defeat and guilt into taking a STAND for yourself with new and empowering decisions that help you feel GOOD.

Bullet-heart Two super-powered tools for giving up obligation, over-committing, over-giving, over-doing and feeling guilty. You will LOVE these!

Bullet-heart How to know when you are acting from obligation – from self-sacrifice, guilt, martyrdom, over responsibility, etc… so you can recognize how that feels in the moment and tune into your Inner Wisdom channel to make the right choice for YOU!

Bullet-heart To notice when key obligatory phrases come out of your mouth such as “I must”, “I have to” or “I should”…Changing those phrases to “I GET to”, “I CHOOSE to” and “I WANT to”.

Bullet-heart That when you start making decisions for your highest good, verses from a place of obligation and guilt, you actually can be of more service to yourself and others.

These next 7 days are about how often we make decisions based on someone else’s agenda. As creatures of love and peace, we naturally want to please others, even if it means we are making choices that keep us from what we most desire.

The great thing about re-wiring this toxic habit is that you can still serve those you love AND also serve yourself, which is most important. YOU MATTER. The more aligned your choices are with your Inner Wisdom, verses guilt and obligation, the more free and empowered you will feel to own your decisions and take the power back from your Inner Mean Girl.

We couldn’t be more proud of you. We know how easy it can be to “fall off the wagon”, but we are now into Week Three and that shows serious commitment and dedication on your part! Keep the focus going. Those Inner Mean Girls are already fading behind the curtain, so your Inner Wisdom can take center stage!




Morning Practice: Do A Morning Obligation Check with your Inner Wisdom

Choose what you will leave and what you will love

Each day before you get out of bed, close your eyes, hand on heart and run through all the things calling for your attention or things you want to do that day. For anything that feels like an obligation, ask your Inner Wisdom to show you how you can shift it from a "have-to" mindset to a "get-to" mindset or take it off the list… leave it. Challenge yourself to find the place of love, service and commitment in your actions. This may not be easy, but keep practicing all week long.

Your Love Mantra for the next 7 days:




Daytime Practice: Do It From Love, or Don’t Do It

Let's face it; we create our lives day by day and choice by choice. We made a choice to bring things that need our care and attention into our life - children, a home, a business, a project, a trip, an event, a relationship, etc. Taking care of these things - while not always easy, convenient, or fun - are deeply rooted in choices you made because of your heart and soul's desires. Remember, in the big picture, they actually make you HAPPY, right? And if the big picture of your life doesn't light you up, then it's time for a change.

When these things feel like an obligation or burden, instead of letting your Inner Mean Girl make you feel resentful, overwhelmed, and irritated, stop and tap into why this person or project is important to you… and give yourself permission to say NO!

1. Tap into Big Why Before you Act - what is the reason you said YES to this person or project (having children, taking on a project at work, marrying your partner...) in the first place.

2. Change the channel in your head from Obligation to LOVE by really FEELING the big why in your body – feel being the great mom, fabulous writer, person of integrity, compassionate person you choose to be. This will help you get into the vibration of love instead of martyrdom or victim so you can act from service instead of sacrifice.

3. Take the act from love, or don’t do it - Give yourself full permission to say No or Not Now. Act only from joyful service to yourself and others – never from sacrifice.


Evening Practice: Reflect on your day with your Inner Wisdom – take an Obligation Inventory

Before going to sleep, look back at all your choices and be honest with yourself by asking these questions: What choices were based on obligation – guilt, over-committing, sacrifice, etc. and what was the impact on you? What choices did you make from a place of love for yourself or loving service to another? What was the impact on you and others? Weigh both sides and see what you learn.

3. On Day 19 of your Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, tune into our Inspiration Conversation with Sera Beak on Obligation. Go here to download the recording


Inner Wisdom Resources

Bullet-heart To learn more about our Expert on Obligation, Sera Beak - check out her website here: http://serabeak.com/

Bullet-heart Throughout the week we have given you daring acts of love to participate and share about Obligation on our Inner Mean Girl Reform School Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected to the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and build CONNECTION with some truly amazing people who are like-minded and committed to taking a STAND for living from their Inner Wisdom.

Be sure to use this resource to lean in for support and receive and share inspiration. Here’s the link to access the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerMeanGirlReformSchool/