Week 5 | Days 29-35 | Give up the Toxic Habit of Judgment Towards Yourself and Others

Activation Session Days 29 - 35: Watch the Video

Focus for the week: Give Up Judgment Towards Yourself and Others

This week you will learn…

Bullet-heart How to STOP creating judgments about and against other people, including yourself!

Bullet-heart To realize just how much energy you spend every week on forming opinions and then turning them into judgments about yourself and about others.

Bullet-heart To keep your opinions, yet express them in ways that are empowering to you and people around you.

Bullet-heart Not all opinions or judgments are created equally. There are good judgments – ones that create love and connection, that keep you safe and help you make good decisions – and bad judgments, ones that separate and create feelings of shame, blame and anger.

Bullet-heart How to push your mind past the judgment to find the truth your heart wants to EXPRESS or the WISDOM your soul knows. Underneath every judgment is something inside you that is being held captive – a feeling that ‘s hard to be with, or a desire that isn’t getting nourishment. Or there is some shred of truth trying to get your attention.

These next 7 days we dare you to take a BIG Inner Wisdom Magnifying Glass to get really honest about your opinions – about yourself and others. When are you being a “judger” and when are you being a “discerner”?

Whether it’s pointing the finger at someone else or beating yourself up with judgment, this week, when judgment arises, go deeper and find the truth needing to be expressed.

Just two weeks left of your 40-day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse. How do you feel? We hope you are starting to feel less pressured, more self-loving and free. Free from your Inner Mean Girls bad habits and more in tune with your Inner Wisdom. You have come so far, keep breathing and knowing that when this Cleanse is complete, you’ll feel even more transformed and joy-FULL!




Morning Practice: Love start your day with this Love Mantra

Use this Love Mantra to infuse the feeling of ENOUGHNESS

Each day before you get out of bed, close your eyes, hand on heart and say this Love Mantra to yourself. Starting your day in self-acceptance makes it less likely that you will be swayed into wagging your finger at yourself or anyone else. People who adore and accept themselves judge less.

Your Love Mantra for the next 7 days:




Commit these words to memory or write them down on a piece of paper or in your journal and keep them near your bed.

We made you another Love Mantra poster to hang up and remind yourself that you are always PERFECT just as you are. You can download it and print it out by clicking here


Daytime Practice: Turn Judgment into Compassion and Curiosity. Have discernment. Ditch the Judger.

Notice in the moment whether your opinions are disconnecting you from others – like you are wagging the finger and turn that disconnection into connection using curiosity – What is your heart wanting you to FEEL or EXPRESS? Or if the judgment is directed at you, making you feel like crap about yourself – like you are pointing the finger at yourself… stop, drop and turn the judgment into Compassion for yourself.


Evening Practice: Reflect on your day with your Inner Wisdom – take a Judgment Inventory

Before going to sleep, look back at all the ways in which you harshly judged others and yourself – what was the impact? How could you have used that energy differently to create more benefit for yourself?

3. On Day 33 of your Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, tune into our Inspiration Conversation with Claire Zammit on releasing Judgment of yourself and others. Go here to download the recording


Inner Wisdom Resources

Bullet-heart To learn more about our Expert on Judgment, Claire Zammit and The Keys to Feminine Power - check out her website here: www.femininepower.com.

Bullet-heart Throughout the week we have given you daring acts of love to participate and share about how Judgment is running you on our Inner Mean Girl Reform School Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected to the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and build CONNECTION with some truly amazing people who are like-minded and committed to taking a STAND for living from their Inner Wisdom.

Be sure to use this resource to lean in for support and receive and share inspiration. Here’s the link to access the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerMeanGirlReformSchool/