Week 6 | Days 36-40 | GIVE UP NOT ENOUGHNESS

Activation Session Days 36 - 40: Watch the Video

Focus for the week: GIVE UP NOT ENOUGHNESS

This week you will learn…


Bullet-heart The serious impact today’s media attention has on your belief of how you value yourself and your worth, and how this fuels your Inner Mean Girl to over work, over give, over do… or to under express, under appreciate or under believe yourself.

Bullet-heart How our consumer driven society’s message of always needing to be skinny, have the nicest car, the biggest house or the latest fashion trend can lead to a disconnect between you and your Inner Wisdom, causing an obsessive and destructive lack of self-worth and self-love.

Bullet-heart To step away from media and take your power back. While most of us know that media affects our thoughts about ourselves in a negative way, often times, we don’t understand the FULL picture of what is going on in our sub-conscious mind.

Bullet-heart Get ready to REALLY see the impact negative media is having on you. Unplug for this week from any and all media – commercials, magazines, etc… and see how much better you FEEL about YOU!

These next 7 days we dare you to take a stand for yourself and your worth. These days, even Facebook and other social media outlets can cause us to compare ourselves to others and replay that old story inside our thoughts that we are not enough.

Often times, we get so fixated on what others have and what the media portrays as the “norm”, so we loose sight of who we really are and what our unique gifts are to the world. Choosing to not participate or give your precious energy to negative media is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It is also a surefire way to amp up the power and voice of your Inner Wisdom.

This is your last week of the 40-day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse! You have come so far, and we are inspired and impressed by your commitment to live from your Inner Wisdom and ditch those toxins!




Morning Practice: Love start your day with this Self-Love Practice & Love Mantra

Start your day by complimenting yourself in the mirror this week. Yes, that's right! We want you to look in the mirror and find what you LOVE about you. Do you love your eyes? The way your smile shines? The glow of your skin? Count the ways and repeat 3xs: “I AM ENOUGH”.

Your Love Mantra for the next 7 days:


mantra i am enough

Commit these words to memory or write them down on a piece of paper or in your journal and keep them near your bed.

We made you another Love Mantra poster to hang up and remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH! You can download it and print it out by clicking here



Turn off the TV, radio and constant news flow. As much as you can, abstain from the media. We know some will get in, and that's when we want you to become super aware of how you feel. Get off the grid and notice how much media you don't need to consume. You will become way more aware of how the media impacts you.


Evening Practice: Reflect on how the media did impact you throughout the day

Before going to sleep, look back at all the ways in which media impacted you? What did you notice about the media’s negative impact? How did it make you feel?

3. On Day 38 of your Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, tune into our Inspiration Conversation with negative media expert, Jean Kilbourne on the impact of media and advertising on women and girls. Go here to download the recording


Inner Wisdom Resources

Bullet-heart To learn more about our media expert, Jean Kilbourne and her books and videos, go here: http://www.jeankilbourne.com/.

Bullet-heart To watch the preview copy of Killing Us Softly 4, click here.

Bullet-heart Throughout the week we have given you daring acts of love to participate and share about how negative media is running you on our Inner Mean Girl Reform School Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected to the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and build CONNECTION with some truly amazing people who are like-minded and committed to taking a STAND for living from their Inner Wisdom.

Be sure to use this resource to lean in for support and receive and share inspiration. Here’s the link to access the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerMeanGirlReformSchool/