Week 2 | Days 8-14 | Give up the Toxic Habit of Comparison

Activation Session Days 8-14: Watch the Video

Focus for the week: GIVE UP COMPARISON

This week you will learn…

Bullet-heart How Comparison is running rampant and causing mass destruction to how we view ourselves and others…and that when we participate in Comparison, we create the exact OPPOSITE of what we want.

Bullet-heart That Comparison is a toxic recipe for disconnection, separation and isolation, when what we all really long for and desire is CONNECTION.

Bullet-heart How to give up Comparing yourself to others, or comparing yourself to who you used to be, or think you should be…including making yourself feel Inferior or Superior.

Bullet-heart The two kinds of Comparison your Inner Mean Girl likes to use on you, and THREE powerful Antidotes that can empower you to give up comparison for good!

Bullet-heart That you DESERVE Acceptance, Appreciation and Adoration for who YOU ARE!

These next 7 days are about Compassion for you AND for others. Comparison can be really damaging to our thoughts about ourselves and those we love, leaving us feeling pretty crappy and crabby! So tune into Compassion and recognize what it is you LOVE about YOU!

Express GRATITUDE for the gifts you have been given, and APPRECIATE the gifts of others and of yourself. Small acts of gratitude and appreciation are KEY to de-programming this toxic habit. It’s not always easy to find the goodness in ourselves and in others, so be kind to yourself and keep going. It WILL get easier 🙂

Be sure to give yourself a high five and celebrate! You’ve made it to week two, and are well on your way! Remember that we are here with you, supporting and honoring you for literally re-wiring your thoughts and living more and more from your Inner Wisdom.




Morning Practice: Practice the Love Mantra

How you start your day is how you live your day. So we want you to begin your day feeling the energy of gratitude and self-appreciation – it will help keep the comparisons away plus the mantra when done in the morning becomes like an anchor point that can pull you back into the vibration of love. Before you get out of bed in the morning, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and say this love mantra until you can feel the gratitude and appreciation inside of you. And if you can’t feel it, fake it til you feel it… trusting it’s seeping in. 1-3 minutes.

Your Love Mantra for the next 7 days:



Commit these words to memory or write them down on a piece of paper or in your journal and keep them near your bed.

PLUS we made you another Love Mantra poster! You can download it and print it out by clicking here.


Daytime Practice: Transform Comparison into Connection using Inspiration, Acceptance or Gratitude… in the moment.

Comparison sucks because it disconnects you from others and from the truth of your magnificence, so it makes you feel isolated and alone, and as a result feel crappy about the brilliant beautiful YOU that you are. In your day to day life, every day, practice using these 3 self-love antidotes to transform the comparison and create more connection.

1. INSPIRATION: Allow the person you are comparing yourself with to lift you up instead. Use what your Inner Comparison Queen attacks you with as a source of inspiration to shift or take an action in your life. For example, love your co-workers taste in clothes vs. feel bad about your choice today, and tomorrow spice it up. Love the book she's written, event she's produced or idea she's had and take an action that inspires you to be your best.

2. APPRECIATION. Appreciate the other person, and appreciate yourself. Take the thing you are comparing and tell that person, or yourself, that you appreciate them for it. Meet a woman who's accomplished something you've always wanted. Tell her how great you think her accomplishment is. Notice that another mother's child is really good at something, appreciate that mother and child for it. Or for those struggling with Superiority Comparison appreciate what you have and then see what you can appreciate in the person you are comparing yourself to.

3. GRATITUDE. Be grateful for what you have right now. Notice someone has something you don't - bigger house, better relationship, or some other moniker of success and happiness? Broaden your scope of success and get grateful for the success you do have. Or notice yourself feeling superior because of your gifts? Step into Gratitude. What is overflowing in your life? Health. Love. Career. Home. Garden. Friends. Find that one thing you feel really wealthy in and be grateful for it.


Evening Practice: Reflect on your day with your Inner Wisdom.

Before going to sleep, take a look at your Love Mantra (keep it next to your bed) and ask yourself (and your Inner Wisdom) what you learned about Comparison today. What is the impact on you when you compare yourself? And what is the impact when you choose self-love and love instead?

3. On Day 12 of your Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, tune into our Inspiration Conversation with Mike Robbins on Comparison. Go here to download the recording


Inner Wisdom Resources

Bullet-heart To learn more about our Expert on Comparison, Mike Robbins - check out his website here: http://mike-robbins.com/

Bullet-heart Throughout the week we have given you daring acts of love to participate and share about Comparison on our Inner Mean Girl Reform School Facebook group. This is a great way to stay connected to the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and build CONNECTION with some truly amazing people who are like-minded and committed to taking a STAND for living from their Inner Wisdom.

Be sure to use this resource to lean in for support and receive and share inspiration. Here’s the link to access the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerMeanGirlReformSchool/