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Amy Ahlers & Christine Arylo for Inner Mean Girl™ Reform School!

Break Free of Negative Self Talk & Self-Sabotage in just 10 Steps. We Guarantee it. Really.

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When You STOP Being So Hard On Yourself & START Loving & Empowering Yourself NOW.

Anything is Possible When Your Inner Critic is Off Your Back and Your Inner Wisdom is In Charge.

Dear Super Woman,

Do you recognize this voice?

“You are not enough.”

“She is so much more 'fill in the blank' than you. You simply don’t measure up.”

“Don’t even try. You’ll fail!”

“When you get there you will finally be happy, financially secure, loved, fill in the blank…”

“You are unlovable, damaged goods, beyond repair.”

“You don’t deserve it. Who do you think you are?”

Can you hear her? It’s the voice of your “Inner Mean Girl.”

She’s negative. She’s catty. She’s judgmental.

She compares your worst to everyone else’s best. In her eyes, you lose every time.

She spews cruel words at you and makes you feel like you’re in 7th grade again—and NOT part of the popular crowd.

Your Inner Mean Girl loves to make you feel small, inadequate, and unworthy. She’s always finding evidence to prove her theory... THAT YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

Well, lady, we’ve got some good news for you:

Your Inner Mean Girl LIES!

She’s slowing you down, running you ragged, wasting your energy, making you stressed and depressed...and, worst of all, keeping you from your dreams.

She will pressure you into quitting, lashing out, procrastinating, over-eating and over-drinking, working too hard, putting yourself last, obsessing about anything and everything, isolating, becoming a control freak, staying in unhappy relationships and situations, being arrogant, and gossiping…

What if THIS YEAR you finally lived the life you've always dreamed of...without that self-sabotaging voice in your head?

How would you feel if you gave up comparison, judgment, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism and negative self-talk?

Are you ready to transform all her Big Fat Lies into the Truth of how fabulous you really are?

Are you really ready? The world needs you. THIS is your year!

Let us show you how.


Whether you’ve known for a while that you have an Inner Mean Girl, but just haven’t given those deep, dark feelings a name, OR you’re just getting an inkling that she’s there...

Imagine how much better your life would be if this was the year you stopped…

  • Exhausting yourself trying to do, be and have it all (and instead, learn to accomplish what REALLY matters to you, AND actually ENJOY the process.)
  • Pointing out everything you haven’t accomplished or crossed off your to-do list, or that isn’t done perfectly (and instead, focus on everything you HAVE completed!)
  • Your mind from being so full of chatter (and felt happy and content and at peace instead.)
  • Comparing yourself to everybody else (and started living YOUR best life.)
  • Chasing balance, so you could actually become more balanced (and relax without feeling guilty.)
  • Wishing for the life you wanted (and gained the courage to go after your dreams instead.)

We Have a Secret For You…


You Have The Power to Transform The Negative Voices In Your Head Into the Most Empowering, Loving, Energizing Cheerleader You Know!

And when you transform that voice…everything else in your life transforms

Relationships * Career * Finances * Happiness * Health


In fact, if you’re willing to commit to transforming your Inner Mean Girl and joining us for our powerful, proven 10-step process, We will guarantee your success!

We’ve helped thousands of women across the globe take back control of their minds and lives – and we’ve done it ourselves.

Now it’s your turn to get your Inner Mean Girl off your back, and on your side once and for all.

We’ll show you how to use your Inner Mean Girl’s skills for good vs. evil, by giving her a new job that helps you vs. hurts you…

And as we turn down the volume on your Inner Mean Girl, you’ll FINALLY be able to hear the voice of your Inner Wisdom! That inner knowing, inner guidance system, inner best friend, inner wise woman…

Meet your Inner Wisdom!

She’s the one who knows:

  • The truth about exactly what you need (and she has no qualms about making sure you get it.)
  • That you’re doing the best that you can (and she is always there to tell you so!)
  • How to spend your time, energy, and money in ways that bring you the most happiness (she is so darn wise.)
  • That you are lovable, “enough” and actually quite fabulous (she’s an expert at choosing relationships and situations that make your life better.)
  • How to balance the needs of your career, family, and you (so you can take care of yourself and everything you love without losing yourself or your mind in the process.)

Here’s the truth:

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with YOU.

When you transform it, everything transforms.


When you learn to listen to the voice inside of you that truly knows what’s best for you, that loves you unconditionally and that is always on your side - your Inner Wisdom -- you finally start to FEEL all the success, happiness and love you’ve been working so hard for.

“It is truly life-changing work!”

During the program I had so many breakthrough moments. I really got to know aspects of myself, truly as part of myself, not as issues I needed to destroy. I learned how my Inner Mean Girls have served me, and how I could manifest their flip side through my Inner Wisdom.

- Jennifer Williams, Inner Mean Girl Graduate


Just knowing I have an inner mean girl, just knowing who she is, what she looks like and why she says mean things -- priceless!

- Ellen, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

Meet Our Inner Mean Girls and Read About What Happened When We Transformed Our Meanies Into SuperHeroines:

Christine's Inner Mean Girl Story

arylo_1My Inner Mean Girl’s name is Mean Patty – well I actually have had 5 Inner Mean Girls, but Mean Patty is definitely the leader of the pack. She has red hair and wears a smock just like the one in the picture. Her favorite weapons? Big fat rulers used to compare me to women who had accomplished more than me. She was a Comparison Queen, and after reaching one of the biggest milestones in my life, she almost killed my dreams.

Within three weeks of getting a publishing contract for my first book, Choosing ME Before WE, (which incidentally only happens for 2% of all book proposals, a fact Mean Patty was not impressed by), her ranting started: “Look at all these other people who’ve been on television, have big PR agents, and huge budgets; they’ve got lots of help and money and you have nothing!” She got nastier, “Why haven’t you been more successful like Oprah? Barbara Walters? (my IMG had big rulers). This barrage made me feel defeated before I started, it sucked the joy out of this major milestone, and it caused me to spin my wheels, wasting time, money and energy… working harder than I needed, making me exhausted and overwhelmed.

After doing a series of Comparison Cleanses (more on that in the program), on Christmas Day 2007, I had a sit down with Mean Patty. I sat down at my dining room table and told her, “You are killing me. And you are going to kill everything we worked so hard for. You need a new job!” After considering her talent for finding women to compare me to, we decided to make her my talent scout… we transformed her evil weapon of comparison into a super powered tool to find women to inspire me. She found Amy Ahlers for me… so without Mean Patty, I wouldn’t be here teaching Inner Mean Girl Reform School™! That is the power of a transformed IMG!

And once I transformed her, not only did the voice of my Inner Wisdom become SO much stronger, I was also able to transform all her ornery sisters – Move the Bar Belinda (the Achievement Junkie), Get On It Gloria (the Doing Addict), Beat-It Brenda (the Popular Mean Girl), and also realize how I had already transformed my Love-Less Lu Lu IMG (the one who had kept me in a relationship for 14 years too long because I was afraid no one else would ever love me!)


Amy’s Inner Mean Girl Story

Amy blue croppedMy Inner Mean Girl is called “Negative Nelly”. She is a Perfectionist, Worry Wart and Comparison Queen all rolled into one (yep, she has multiple personalities!) She’s been around most of my life with a small whisper, but when I gave birth to my first daughter, Annabella, she came out in full force and multiplied. Her favorite thing to tell me was “You're a horrible mom!" She would compare me to perfect moms whose babies were sleeping through the night on Day 3 (do those babies even exist?). She made me feel anxious, overwhelmed, and completely inadequate.

When I finally took the time to commit to a daily practice and tune into my Inner Wisdom, I began to understand the game Nelly was playing. Nelly had no faith. Her big fat lie was “You’re in this alone.” But when I finally heard my Inner Wisdom’s voice, she assured me that there was a community of mothers just waiting for me. She led me to a mom’s group called Mindful Mamas that is filled with incredible women who love me unconditionally and support me. It has helped me become the mom I want to be.

Even though Negative Nelly still makes an appearance with each new phase of parenting (think potty training, kindergarten and, dare I say, puberty!) and she tried to hijack my mind and body again when I gave birth to my second, Evie, I now know how to transform that voice from one that is feeding my fears into the voice of my Inner Superheroine. And most importantly, I know how to tap into my Inner Wisdom to hear the truth.

It took us years and thousands of dollars to figure out how to transform our Inner Mean Girls…and we don’t want you to have to wait that long. We are able to help you do the same.

The cost to living with all that negative self-talk in your head…the cost of not hearing or listening to the voice of your Inner Wisdom as the guidance system for your life is just way too high.

Here's what it's costing you to have your Inner Mean Girl block your Inner Wisdom:

  • your happiness
  • health
  • peace of mind
  • love
  • success
  • financial prosperity
  • security
  • and so much more!

So we are taking a stand with you … to stop this madness for good!

Take back your power and become a woman who lives from her Inner Wisdom, not by the b.s. of her Inner Mean Girl!

We are ready if you are!

“Amy and Christine are Masters”

Amy and Christine are masters in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. They are the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that's saying a lot!!! Amy and Christine are far more than effective; their gift is in empowering each and every person they touch.

– Jen Todd, CEO Breakthrough Partners Inc., IMGRS graduate

“THANK YOU Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo!”

I had an experience that would have normally revved up my IMG's to rant at the top of their voices and send me into a place of self-hate. However, this time, they were completely silent and the only voice I could hear was my IW. I feel centered and the self-love is flowing. The process of IMG Reform School has helped me to move closer to becoming the woman I always wanted to be, but didn't think was possible!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

- Julie Strieter, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Graduate


What can you expect when you quiet your Inner Mean Girl and transform her into your Inner Super Heroine?

Like the hundreds of women who have experienced this program, you will…

  • Feel happier and more successful – you stop seeing all you haven’t yet accomplished and start seeing all that you have.
  • Gain the skill of differentiating between the voice of your Inner Wisdom, that of your inner critic, and fear, so you can make better choices and take bigger risks - you learn to trust your intuition so even when you are scared, or when something doesn’t make sense, you can go for your dreams or make decisions for your highest good, regardless of what other people think.
  • Attract more success, love and abundance easier and faster – you stop sabotaging yourself and getting stuck in fear and uncomfortable feelings, so all kinds of goodness can begin flowing to you.
  • Experience less anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental and emotional anguish – you learn how to release it instead of allowing it to build and mess you up along the way.
  • Feel healthier – you begin to sleep better, take time for yourself without the guilt, and be more at peace (we even had a participant drop 25 pounds during her 10-session transformation!)
  • Feel more confident, happy and secure about yourself – no matter what is happening with the world or others – your inner world (instead of the outside world) becomes your guidance system.
  • Have improved relationships – with yourself and everyone else – romantic, kids, friends, co-workers, everyone!
  • Make more money - really we mean it. How many times has your Inner Mean Girl stopped you from receiving the right job, risking and going for that promotion or closing an important sale.
  • And SO much more…




Welcome to


A 10-step experience guaranteed to get your Inner Mean Girl™

off your back and on your side…so you can activate your Inner Wisdom in new BIG ways!

Using the powerful teachings and tools we’ve created just for busy women like yourself, you will learn how to:

  • Stop driving yourself so hard to be perfect, get it all done, and take more on (wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself a break and be able to say “No” without feeling guilty, or as if you are missing out on something?)
  • Transform your self-sabotaging patterns and negative beliefs into self-loving and self-empowering ones (you become the one in control of your own mind.)
  • Stop comparing yourself to others (no more wasting your time and energy judging yourself by outside standards. Start seeing your unique contribution, and begin cultivating more powerful connections to people who inspire and support you.)
  • Communicate with your Intuition regularly (so she’s always available to give you the best advice.)
  • Get back to your calm and clear center, no matter what is going on around you (even when you experience overwhelm, anxiety and stress- or when the people or world around you are in chaos.)
  • Switch the channel in your mind from criticism to compassion- in minutes (so you don’t have to lose hours and days – you’ll learn to bounce back to happiness, peace and clarity so much faster!)
  • Celebrate your successes and all you do and all you have (for more than a few minutes.)
  • Stop taking on other people’s negative energy, fear and worry (be respectful of your own boundaries and watch others do the same.)
  • Establish (and stick to) powerful daily practices that increase your ability to hear and follow the guidance of your Inner Wisdom (you’ll love these, and they will fit into your busy life easily.)
  • Do all of this (and SO MUCH MORE) with a group of powerful, wise women committed to doing the same.

“I barely recognize who I was a month ago”

I just had a Celebrate January Party with myself- music, nice dinner, dancing, a glass of champagne. Then I sat down and typed almost THREE pages about how my life/thoughts have changed in the last month. And it's been HUGE stuff! Stuff I never thought possible in years, let alone in one month! I barely recognize who I was a month ago! Thank you Christine and Amy, from the bottom of my heart (seriously!)!

- Jess B., Inner Mean Girl Reform School Graduate


You’re not just taking a course, you’re joining a community of WISE WOMEN…

Committed to creating loving, compassionate, honest,and honoring relationships with themselves, so they can live their best lives… Inner Wisdom-led lives!

We have been so inspired and blown away by the compassion, sisterhood and authentic friendships that develop over the course of this adventure. Support and accountability are KEY to creating lasting change, and you’ll receive both from your sister classmates!

We want to let you in on a little secret…

we ALL have these negative thoughts...

all women have self-doubt (even those that never show it).

We are all afraid of being rejected, looking stupid and not being taken care of. Even the women who look like they have it all together on the outside. (Trust us, we’ve COACHED these women and their Inner Mean Girls are running amuck too!)


And...When Women Come Together, Shift Happens!


We will lead you through a 10-step experience guaranteed to transform your relationship with you.

It’s an investment in you that lasts a lifetime and will help you BE the woman you want to be...a better mom, better boss, better wife, better girlfriend, better friend, better everything!

“I have the structure, container and support to go after and live my highest calling and dreams!

At last I finally KNOW when the B.S. inner mean girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom. Plus I have a community to go to that reminds me of my greatness.

- Gayle M, IMGRS Graduate and Inner Wisdom Golden Circle Member

“It’s An Adventure of A Lifetime!”

The coolest part about this experience is these are things I will continue to use and strengthen the rest of my days. I can’t imagine a day now without my daily pause. And you are so right — strengthen the pause muscle and it will get you through the rough patches. Unconditional self-love is powerful beyond words. Thank you times infinity.

– Inner Mean Girl Reform School Graduate


Welcome to the Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ Interactive Experience...

Where we walk with you, hand in hand, on a 10-step journey!

IMGRS orientation screenshotYour Inner Mean Girl might be telling you that you'll never finish (or even start) our program. Maybe you even have a history of investing in programs and then letting them sit on your virtual shelf collecting dust.

Guess what? We won't let that happen to you! We know all too well what happens if we just sent you to a download page and left you to your Inner Mean Girl's devices. That's why we have a philosophy at Inner Mean Girl Reform School...no woman left behind.

We created an interactive experience...an online adventure...where we'll walk with you step by step through the program. We'll know EXACTLY where you are in your transformation process.

And get this...if you fall behind, we'll nudge you to get back on track. And when you complete a step, we'll be there cheering you on. OH YEAH!

Our online learning platform is truly state of the art! It will become your new home for transformation as it incorporates multiple learning modalities and interactive tools to enhance your comprehension and more importantly... inspire you to put into practice all the super-powered tools you'll learn.

You'll have a full 6 months of access to our online transformation center which includes:

  • The entire Inner Mean Girl Reform School experiential audio sessions, class notes, and transcripts
  • Step by step checklists to guide you through each step and keep you on track and moving forward
  • Special intention setting reminders to keep you committed to yourself
  • Videos and guest teacher sessions to be inspired and deepen your transformation
  • Built in accountability to keep you on track, celebrate your milestones and nudge you if you fall behind.

This online transformation program is the closest thing we can give you to working with the two of us privately!

Step 1: Meet YOUR Inner Mean Girl

Who is she, what are the big fat lies she beats you up with, and what’s her current job?

You’ve got to know who you’re dealing with. This first session is all about pulling your Inner Mean Girl (IMG) out of the dark and into the light, where you can see her, name her, and get clued into her game and her toxic habits. In this session you will:

  • Name, personify and find a visual image for your Inner Mean Girl(s) - so you can stop believing that those negative voices are you and can start having a relationship with your IMG that you can change.
  • Identify your IMG’s biggest lies and self-sabotaging habits – see how she’s stealing happiness and success so you can put a stop to her behavior NOW and begin moving forward.
  • Discover her roots – your subconscious created your IMG to keep you from harm, but now her protective instincts are holding you back.
  • Learn the 4-stages for changing behaviors, habits & patterns, so you can become more aware of your actions and motivations, and start making choices that bring you happiness and success vs. fear and stress.
  • Draw your own Inner Mean Girl (optional) – Join us for a powerful bonus visualization call and an instructional video that leads you through a process to visualize your IMG. Co-led by our sister IMG reformer, visionary artist and transformational teacher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

Step 2 Meet YOUR Inner Wisdom

Open up the channels to your inner knowing, inner guidance system, inner best friend, inner truth and inner wise woman

Chances are that right now you unknowingly make a lot of decisions based on what your IMG is telling you to do… and that’s no good. Seriously. Your IMG is the one who convinces you to eat chocolate cake instead of working out, guilts you into doing laundry or working more instead of playing with your kids or taking time for yourself. But you have another voice inside: your Inner Wisdom. Tap into this powerful ally, and your IMG just might lose her voice. In this session you will:

  • Increase your ability to hear, listen to and act on your Inner Wisdom - learn to feel her in your body and speak her voice so you can tell the difference between her voice and that of your IMG.
  • Learn the signs that tell you that your IMG is in control – so you can snap her out of it as soon as possible and summon your Inner Wisdom to take over.
  • Learn two powerful processes that will empower you to transform your IMGs Big Fat Lies in 5 minutes or less. Start rewiring beliefs and habits you’ve maintained for years!

Step 3: Activate Your Feminine Super Power of Pause

Strengthen your capacity to find and maintain clarity and peace of mind and make better, more loving choices for yourself

In our own experience, the single most powerful tool in keeping our IMGs off our backs is a powerful Daily Practice. So what IS a Daily Practice? It’s the choice to connect into your Inner Wisdom every day, so you can set your body and emotions to J-O-Y and P-E-A-C-E, and feel a deep sense of love for yourself. You can do this by using practices in just a few minutes at a time. In this session you will:

  • Learn how to instantly change your mind chatter into inner peace in moments of chaos, stress and overwhelm.
  • Learn how to create easy, fun and short daily practices that revitalize, replenish and re-center you, daily power pauses that any busy woman would look forward to every day.
  • Get the skinny on the truth and the lies about why a daily practice is a must for all happy people, without needing a 60-minute meditation session every day.
  • Quiet even the most active of minds and Inner Mean Girls, so that you can make better decisions, see more clearly, and spend less time being indecisive or making bad decisions.

Step 4: Go Deeper with a Super Power Pause

Feel the shifts that have occurred and deepen your wisdom

Built into thestep 4 10 steps is what we we call a Super Power Pause - for you to stop/pause and reflect on everything you have experienced so far. It's time to acknowledge and integrate all you've learned vs keeping motoring ahead. Just this act alone does wonders to reform your Inner Mean Girl who always says you haven’t done enough! In this session you will:

  • Learn about ‘mesa moments’ and how to take moments to stop, see how far you’ve come, and make the best decision on how to move forward
  • Take a pause, reflect on what you’ve learned and integrate the wisdom
  • Hear other women’s challenges and answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can move forward with grace and ease.

Step 5: Strengthen Your Feminine Super Power of Intuition

Increase your ability to hear, listen to and act from your inner knowing and inner guidance system

A long, long ago time ago, little girls were raised to listen to, trust, and tap into their intuition. Unfortunately, in today’s world, girls are groomed to value and trust rational thinking, feelings of guilt and obligation and self-defeating ideas, rather than the brilliance of their innate Inner Wisdom. Good news: your Super Power of Intuition is still there … and it is time to re-activate it in a bigger way. Why? Because your Inner Wisdom is your TRUE B.F.F. – she’ll always act in your best interest – but you have to be talking to her everyday! In this session you will:

  • Strengthen trust in what your intuition is telling you - Become best friends with your Inner Wisdom.
  • Learn the ways your intuition likes to communicate with you – learn daring and fun methods to strengthen your relationship with your Inner Wisdom.
  • Activate the 4 broadcasting channels of your Intuition – and experience what it’s like to make decisions and choices from self-love vs fear, from security vs anxiety, from confidence vs shame, from empowerment vs guilt.
  • Marry your feminine power of Intuition with your manpower of rational thought – give yourself the super power to take care of yourself and what you love, by doing less.

Step 6: Activate Your Feminine Superpower of Compassion

Find compassion for yourself everyday in all ways

Although most of us easily feel compassion for people who are stricken by misfortune, we often struggle to feel it for people who are imperfect (weak, lacking confidence, having a bad day or who have made a bad decision)… especially when that person is YOU! But when you learn how to turn the compassion inward, it becomes so much easier to turn fear, shame and loneliness into love and harmony. In this session you will:

  • Discover where you need compassion the MOST – Reveal the places inside of you where you lack compassion for yourself and others.
  • Learn how to release judgments and over-responsibilities that are dragging you down – and say yes to your desires and dreams.
  • Stop comparing yourself -- replace this toxic habit with new self-empowering habits.
  • Learn 5 Compassion Super Power Activators - techniques that have the power to instantly stop you from beating yourself up!

Step 7: Take Back Control of Your Mind

Use the power of brain science to rewire your negative, self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs

Your Inner Mean Girl has spent years wiring your brain to believe her Big Fat Lies. The good news is that this wiring can change – your can literally change your mind. Using proven brain science, we’ll show you how to re-wire your brain and finally take the control panel of your mind back. In this session you will:

  • Re-wire your brain patterns, beliefs and behaviors so can become the person your Inner Wisdom already knows you are.
  • Change your words and change your life. See how your words are stopping you from success, learn which ones make the most difference, and start using them to gain forward momentum.
  • Use the latest brain research to see how you are self-sabotaging yourself when you don’t have to – and learn how to stop it by making up your mind.
  • Discover the brain science behind your “comfort zones” and “chaos zones” – and then use that same science, plus a bit of super-heroine power, to break out of those comfort zones and chaos patterns so you can do and be more than ever before.

Step 8: Unleash Your Inner Super heroine

Activate, embody and set free your most powerful, wise, fabulous self

Inside of you is a living, breathing, Super-Powered Super Heroine who loves and believes in herself… your best self. She’s always tuned into the channels of Intuition, Compassion, and Pause, and she speaks your Inner Wisdom. You probably haven’t been spending nearly enough time with her. Until now. It’s time to learn how to unleash your Inner Superheroine and discover what it feels like when she is in charge! In this session you will:

  • Discover and meet your most super-empowered, wise, and beautiful self — your Inner Super-heroine: the woman you were always meant to be, and can be.
  • Learn why you don’t have to STRUGGLE to get through – and how to access your Inner Super-Heroine so she’s there whenever you need her most.
  • Envision the future you are empowered to have now, when your IMG isn’t running the show.

Step 9: Give Your Inner Mean Girl a New Job

Give Your Inner Mean Girl the Makeover She’s Been Dying For

It's timStep 9e...she's ready.... in this step you will give your Inner Mean Girl a new job! Comparison queens become talent scouts, Doing Addicts become Rock Star Assistants and more… they love doing their new jobs so much that they will begin to stop their crazy making ways and start being deployed for good! In this session you will:

  • Take a skill assessment of the Inner Mean Girl archetypes and how they can be transformed and given new jobs.
  • Go through an interview process to assess your Inner Mean Girl’s strengths that can be put to good use.
  • Learn how to give your Inner Mean Girl a new job, a new name, and a new look so you can lover her to death.
  • Discover tips and tools for what to do when her Inner Mean Girl freaks out. You'll learn exactly what to do when an Inner Mean Girl needs an intervention.

Step 10: Graduation & Commitment Ceremony

Take the stand to live as the wise, self-loving woman you were born to be, & promise to always be and act as your own best friend

You’re crossing over: from a life run by your Inner Mean Girl, to a life run more and more by your Inner Wisdom. This is a powerful ceremony where you step forward, promising to trust yourself, to act as your own best friend and to live from the wisdom of your heart. We will walk you through exactly what to do so you properly honor the energy and time you’ve put into this transition. Women report that this ritual alone changed their lives. In this session you will:

  • Participate in your own powerful personal closing self-love ritual – supported by other women making personal commitments to self-trust, self-empowerment, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-awareness.
  • Formally give your Inner Mean Girl her new job – and know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that your Inner Mean Girl’s power over you has significantly diminished.
  • Make and take the self-love promise to listen to and act from your Inner Wisdom – take a stand for self-trust, self-empowerment, self-awareness and acceptance.
  • Take a stand for yourself and never look back – publicly proclaim what you are now free to step into in your life because your IMG is no longer in charge.

“I now realize I am not alone.”

One of the things I wondered about with this work was if I would be motivated to do this sort of work 'on my own'. But I now realize I am not alone. I have this wonderful community to connect and share with!

- Kristen Cavanagh, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Graduate

“I am so much more than that!”

Dis-identifying from my negative internal dialogue has been incredibly powerful - I am not my thoughts or my Inner Mean Girl - I am so much more than that!

- Karen, Business Owner, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student


Here's exactly what you will receive the moment you say YES to yourself:

The Full Inner Mean Girl Reform School Experience

home study new

The moment you register, you’ll be escorted through the doors of our online transformation center. This isn’t a download page, where we leave you to your own devices (& throwing you into the arms of your Inner Mean Girl and self-sabotage) this is a full blown virtual training where we’ll walk you step by step through your Inner Mean Girl transformation. We will be there every step of the way.

For each step you’ll receive:

  • a transformational teaching session led personally by us, you can listen online or download the session directly to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, to listen as many times as you wish and rewind as needed...Plus you can listen to each session on the go while you take a walk, drive to work, or do the dishes.
  • a set of class notes that acts like a mini-workbook - we put together really good class notes - not cliff notes ladies! - for each class that give you in full detail the practical and powerful exercises and worksheet tools for all 10 steps
  • a Downloadable Transcript for those of you like to see thing written on paper, you have the full sessions with all the teachings so you can can highlight and read the information - we know a lot of our students really appreciate being able to hear and read the information.
  • special bonus videos and audios that walk you through special steps and processes inside Inner Mean Girl Reform School - we will walk you through the processes so you can learn them and use them yourselves.
  • Practical and powerful exercises and worksheet tools that are laid out in a clear and easy to use manner
  • Access to our private online Facebook Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ community -- to share your experiences, connect with your classmates, and interact for fun and support

“I feel open and joyful in a completely new way”

Really getting the voice of my Inner Mean Girl and finding the voice of my Inner Wisdom totally life-changing and transforming for me. It is already benefiting me in my life in big ways, I feel open and joyful in a completely new way and have found new boundaries with people in my life.

- Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

“I Got My Money’s Worth”

I converted my IMG into a great ally, and she is really happy with her new job. All smiles and enthusiasm. I for sure got my money’s worth.

- D. Seale, Ph.D.


BONUS #1 Special Inner Wisdom Power Pack



Your Bedroom * Bank Account * Business * Body * Brain

We’ve hand-picked these five women—empowered, internationally-known superstars who will share their secrets with you. They’ve busted through negative self-talk and self-sabotage in each of these five areas that Inner Mean Girls love to show up most. We'll send you a complete digital package during the course with all of these conversations so you can get your Inner Mean Girl out of all the places she's hiding!

They’ve literally transformed their lives and tens of thousands of others!



Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Expert exposes the Big Fat Lies women tell themselves about what happens in love and relationships, keeping them miserable and suffering and out of the partnerships they really want.



Maggie Ostara, creator of Belief Relief and top entrepreneur coach, Maggie shares the biggest beliefs that keep us from having the financial wealth, flow and security we want, and shares her super power tools to help you bust through these beliefs without even leaving your house.



Lisa Nichols, Best-selling Author, Single Mom & Motivational Millionaire, shares the truth about how to transform your business success & personal happiness by letting go of those big fat lies your inner critic tells you.




Lissa Rankin MD, Founder of Owning Pink and author of What’s Up Down There, Lissa shares the most popular and untalked about lies women tell themselves about their bodies, and shares her super powered tool, Your Inner Pilot Light.



Rhonda Britten, Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, Emmy winner, author of 4 bestselling books, shares how fear gets lodged in our psyches, fueling our Inner Mean Girls, and then shares her super powered tool, The Wheel of Fear.

“Amy and Christine are wise mentors and supportive cheerleaders”

I felt their compassion, enthusiasm, humor, and genuine love and caring come pouring through to us on every call. I trusted and respected their knowledge and experience and always felt that I and my Inner Mean Girl were in kind and safe hands.

- Carmine P., Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

Bonus #2 The Super Power Your Day Kit

Inner Wisdom Daily Practices for the Busy Super Woman

  • 10-page e-Guidebook on how to establish, deepen and keep a daily practice that strengthens your connection to your Inner Wisdom
  • 10 guided meditations as easy digital downloads for connecting to your Inner Wisdom, clearing and keeping your energy fields clean, loving yourself unconditionally, finding compassion and more…

“My Inner Wisdom is Waking Up”

My Inner Wisdom is waking up and starting to be in charge. Sending love to y'all ... I never imagined I was going to be able to verbalize this, and here I am, loving every single moment of the process.

- Diana D., Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

Bonus #3 The Bestselling Book!

RYIMG book cover

Our Book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl. We want to send you a copy! Reform Your Inner Mean Girl is the perfect companion to our interactive program. It introduces the universal seven-step program that helps women transform their relationships with themselves from self-sabotage to self-love. With a mix of play, humor, creativity, and self-inquiry, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl transforms a woman’s self-bullying thoughts, emotions, actions, and feelings, and helps her get in touch with a much more powerful voice—her Inner Wisdom. After graduating, women can finally make choices that create more happiness, peace, love, and success.

Total Value For All Bonuses $400

You might be wondering how much of an investment the course is… if you can afford it…

When you invest, you expect a return. The real question is can you afford NOT make a change in the way you treat yourself? The havock and disharmony your Inner Mean Girl is having on your health, your wealth, your family, your life...your happiness? It's time to transform your negative thought patterns into powerful, positive ones that get you in touch with your Inner Wisdom, so you’re able to love yourself and love your life… make better choices, be less stressed and more happy.

How much is that life transformation worth to you? Would you pay $5,000 to be free of the negative self-talk controlling you? To have your happiness back and start living your dreams?

We think it’s priceless – and based on the results we have seen people achieve, they tell us that the investment is one of the best investments in themselves they have ever made.

Fortunately, you don't need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in Inner Mean Girl Reform School!

Here’s the thing: your IMG might try to tell you you’re not worth it, you can’t afford it, you’ll never change … but she’s a big fat liar. Of course she doesn’t want you to come to Inner Mean Girl Reform School with us… she doesn’t want to be reformed! But you do, and that’s what matters.

Plus, you’re completely covered by our guarantee. Join RISK FREE for a full 3 months!
You have a full 90 days, 3 months, to experience the power of Inner Mean Girl Reform School. Simply login to our online transformation system and complete at least the first two modules within 90 days and if you don’t experience a positive shift in your relationship with yourself, we will refund your full tuition. Fair enough?

That's how committed we are to any woman who is ready to transform her Inner Mean Girl!

“A Big Heartfelt Thank You”

Amy and Christine were absolutely amazing, fabulous, fun, skilled, professional and just incredible. I felt their sincere wish to help me transform my life. Really. really really appreciate and acknowledge your loving and committed service.

- Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student


Still not sure whether Inner Mean Girl Reform School is for you?

Watch Christine on ABC Talking About Self-Love

Watch Amy on The CW Talking About Big Fat Lies


Check out our Commonly Asked Questions

What will I learn?

You will learn proven powerful tools we’ve personally used and taught for the past 18+ years to help you break free of self-sabotage and self-criticism. (And so much more!)

Do I have to complete this in a specific time period?

You have a full 6 months of access to our online learning center. Most of our students complete the course in 10-12 weeks, but we wanted to give you more access so you can stay on the pace that works best for you. The self-led course is on your schedule, our only suggestions is that you do the course in the order of the 10-sessions. You can set the pace yourself: choose a pace to start – one session every week, every other week or every month. Or Allow yourself to find the pace that works for you as you do the program. The structure we provide with the program makes it much more likely that you will complete what you start (women always want to make it to graduation?)

What if I don’t have an IPod or other portable audio device?

Our online transformation center course comes in multiple formats so you can use whichever works for you. The electronic version allows you to download everything from the internet from your computer no matter where you are in the world. You can download MP3s of the sessions, meditations and bonus interviews, and PDFs of the notes and special kits.

How will I connect with the other women who have completed the course?

Through our private members-only Facebook site. You’ll be able to see the shining faces and interact the women who are joining you on this journey. It's so much FUN!

What if I try the course and don't feel its for me?

No worries! That is why we have a full 30 day money back guarantee!

How do I know if this course is for me?

During Inner Mean Girl Reform School, we help you build your Feminine Super Power of Intuition - so you are empowered to easily make decisions for your highest good. So first, trust your intuition. If this resonates at all, we encourage you to try it out. We realize your relationship with your intuition may still be forming, so here's a list of some of the types of women we've found really benefit from this type of experience:

  • You are hard on yourself ... WAY harder than anyone else could ever be.

  • You are addicted to doing ... you find it hard to relax, slow down, to just "be."

  • You compare yourself to others ... and make yourself feel less-than or superior - both of which torment you.

  • You self-sabotage ... in relationships, in your career, with money, with food, etc.

  • You achieve a lot, but you never really stop to fully enjoy or celebrate.

  • You doubt yourself or your ability to create what you want, especially with today's challenges.

  • You are overwhelmed, exhausted and over it ... and ready to have your Inner Mean Girl Stop driving you so hard.

Remember it is 100% risk free with our money back guarantee. The surefire way to NOT make a change is getting stuck in indecision. And we want your dreams to come true… you deserve it!

So NOW are you ready?

YES, Amy!

I want to break free from my

Inner Mean Girl.

Let the transformation begin.

I know that Inner Mean Girl Reform School™ will help me learn to:

  • Stop being so hard on myself – I will rewire self-sabotaging patterns and negative beliefs, so I can stop exhausting myself and start enJOYing my life more.
  • Tell the difference between the voice of my inner critic & fear and my inner wisdom & intuition – so I can turn down the volume on my IMG whenever I want and stop wasting time, energy and money stressing about my IMG’s Big Fat Lies.
  • Talk to my intuition and use her to guide my life – so I always make choices that are GREAT for me.
  • Stop comparing myself, judging myself and setting unrealistic expectations – and START celebrating my gifts and accomplishments.
  • Find my center – quickly -- when I experience overwhelm, anxiety or stress so they don’t overtake my attitude or my life.
  • Find compassion for myself when things don’t go perfectly – and really believe I am doing the best I can.
  • Give myself a break and permission to relax and stop driving myself so hard.
  • Get to the outcomes I desire by BEING, rather than always creating more to do’s.
  • Tap into energy sources that fuel me vs. deplete me.
  • Establish a powerful daily practice that I love, and actually utilize, to guide me.

Valued at $1500

Two Ways to Invest:

Six Payments of $97


Save By Doing A Full Pay of only $497


Don't Spend Another Moment Being Hard On Yourself!

And I understand I’m completely covered by your guarantee….I simply show up and complete the first two modules within 30 days and if I’m not satisfied, I’ll simply contact love@chooseselflove.com or 1.800.378.1451 and I’ll receive a complete refund.

The 6-Pay Option will charge one payment today, and then auto-bill to your credit card every 30 days for 5 additional payments.

If you’re Ready to Take A Stand For Yourself, take action now.

It’s going to be a powerful day when you ditch your Inner Mean Girl and allow your Inner Wisdom to Lead…Looking forward to watching you flourish!

Not sure if Inner Mean Girl Reform School is for you?

Watch the power of the Inner Wisdom process you’ll learn in this course…


Your inner critic doesn’t have to rule your life. Who does SHE think she is, anyway? Get the tools you need to get out from under her thumb.

To your Inner Wisdom, and to you having the best relationship of your life!


amy and c blue and pink

amy and c signature

P.S. If your Inner Mean Girl is piping up right now, saying you’re not worth the investment, we totally understand. Take a moment to connect with your Inner Wisdom – if Inner Mean Girl Reform School is right for you, then we hope you’ll take this opportunity to commit to loving yourself unconditionally, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

Join us!


It’s going to be so powerful for you to you ditch your Inner Mean Girl and allow your Inner Wisdom to Lead…

Looking forward to your transformation!


Your Inner Mean Girl Transformation is facilitated

by Transformational Teachers

Christine Arylo

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 2.51.42 PMChristine Arylo is an internationally recognized inspirational catalyst and spiritual coach, and the self-love author of Choosing ME before WE, Everywoman’s Guide to Life and Love and the bestselling quintessential self-love guide, Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Promise of Being Your Own Best Friend.

Christine has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Self-Love’ for her daring and groundbreaking work to make self-love a tangible reality for people around the world, including founding the international day of self-love on February 13th, often referred to as Madly in Love with ME™ Day. Christine’s opinions have aired on E! Entertainment, CBS, FOX and ABC and over radio shows across the country, as well as in the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Daily Om.

A self-admitted, but recovering achievement junkie, Kellogg m.b.a. and a former marketing executive for companies like The Gap, Visa and Frito-Lay, Christine is also the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, a school dedicated to transforming people’s inner critics into their inner super heroines.

When not out in the world speaking, teaching and leading transformational experiences, Christine can be found hanging out with her soul tribe of spectacular, heart-centered, down-to-earth people in beautiful places enjoying good food, great wine and meaningful (and laughter-filled) conversation.


Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach

Amy turquoiseAmy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author, is on a mission to STOP women from being so darn hard on themselves. After years of being a top producing online media Sales Executive, she discovered the world of coaching in 2000 and has never looked back. She is an International Certified Success Coach, the co-creator of celebrated online programs such as Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin & Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin & Martha Beck.

Amy has been a featured expert on many TV & radio shows, and in publications like The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and FOX & NBC. She loves lighting up the stage, where she wakes people up to the voices of their Inner Wisdom, and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it. Her first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar was released in October 2011 by New World Library and shot up to #1 in several categories on Amazon, including Self-Help, Happiness and Self-Esteem. Her second bestselling book, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl, is based on Inner Mean Girl Reform School, which has helped over 40,000 women worldwide.

A recent recipient of a Women Who Dare Award from Girls Inc., she holds a BA from the University of California, earned the CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) designation from The Coaches Training Institute, is a Bigger Game Certified Coach, is a certified Business Coach from OneCoach, and is a Master Coach.

You can often find Amy holding hands with her beloved husband, Rob, skipping down the street (or running after!) their firecracker daughters, Annabella & Evie Rose. Shes lives in the in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and rescue mutt, Batman.

“Amy and Christine were the most wonderful and thoughtful leaders I can imagine.”

Amy and Christine are masters in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. They are the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that’s saying a lot!!! They were kind, supportive, encouraging, and appealed to every single learning style conceivable (covering scientific types, emotional types, visual types, etc). And most of all, they were GENTLE with us, using love and humor to encourage us to grow…. It truly changed my life… Before, I thought the mean voices in my head were just me. Now I have a voice that loves me for who I am, right now.

- Kelly Morgen

“Open the door for honesty with ourselves”

Very first off ladies you have created such a fun, honest, playful and effective program. You bring yourselves into it so joyfully and open the door for honesty with ourselves with your courageous examples.

- Katherine Furnish, Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

P.P.S. We are committed to changing the world one woman at a time, and we KNOW this class will be life-changing for YOU.


We must model self-love and self-care on a deep level for our girls…so they don’t have to grow up full of self-criticism like we did!

Valued at $1500

Two Ways to Invest:

Six Payments of $97


Save By Doing A Full Pay of only $497


And I understand I’m completely covered by your guarantee….I simply show up and complete the first two modules within 30 days and if I’m not satisfied, I’ll simply contact love@chooseselflove.com or 1.800.378.1451 and I’ll receive a complete refund.

Order with confidence on our 100% secure servers.

The 6-Pay Option will charge one payment today, and then auto-bill to your credit card every 30 days for 5 additional payments.

“This was critical to my success in the program.”

The lectures, they were really the foundation of the whole program and were so well done and great to listen to. I also found the homework that was assigned every week absolutely essential, it helped me actually put into practice what has been discussed on the call, this was critical to my success in the program.

- Miko S., Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student

“We were lucky to have these lovely women as our guides”

IMGRS is a valuable resource of support and wisdom that truly does help women transform their inner mean girls into helpmates and support. I'm very glad I chose to commit to this program this summer, and love Amy and Christine for their wisdom, warmth and generosity. We were very lucky to have these lovely women as our guides, and I am grateful for my summer adventure.

- Lili., Inner Mean Girl Reform School Student