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Welcome to the Inner Mean Girl Reform School Open House

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself:

3 secrets to Transforming that Self Sabotaging Critic in your Head to a Self Empowering Ally instead!

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Subject: Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves, okay?

Hi there,

I just signed up for this awesome free online event, and I definitely think you are going to want to know about it.

Here’s the scoop: you know that critical inner voice in your head? The one that says things like “Why aren’t you doing more? Why don’t you have more?” or “You’re unlovable – damaged goods,” or “Everyone else has it all figured out – what’s wrong with you?,”

Well, at Inner Mean Girl Reform School they call that voice your Inner Mean Girl – and they’re on a mission to transform Inner Mean Girls everywhere – and they’re holding a virtual event that I’m totally going to check out:

It’s a free 90-minute "open house" webinar called,

“Stop Being So Hard On Yourself… 3 Super Power Secrets to Transform your Self-Sabotaging Voice In Your Head Into A Self-Empowering Ally Instead.”

I don't know about you but I am so ready to stop comparing myself, beating myself up, setting crazy unrealistic expectations and trying to be super woman.

Think about it: If we stopped putting so much pressure on ourselves, how much happier we would be? I am so not going to let this crazy inner critic keep talking smack!

Go here to sign up: http://innermeangirl.com/openhouseinviteamy

Let me know what you think – it would be fun to do this together.

I can’t wait to talk with you after the Open House!


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Welcome to the Inner Mean Girl Open House!